Lore & Legacy

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Lore & Legacy, the science-fantasy roleplaying game, is the first game published with my imprint Empyreal Media Productions. It features original artwork by Pascal Blanché, Jakub Rebelka, Jeff Laubenstein, Pierre Le Pivain, Vagelio Kaliva, Bex Lowe, Jean-Mathias Xavier…

Somewhere in the depths of the galaxy we call the Milky Way, in the heart of a swirling cloud of cosmic dust illuminated by the bluish light of a distant and gigantic star, lies a fantastic world called Empyrea. Over the millennia, several species settled on this mysterious planet: the first were the astarites, now all but extinct. Then came the “young races” that are the ælfyns, orcs, dakti, agamids, and humans.

If these peoples know that their origins are to be found on distant stars, none of them remember precisely where they came from, nor the circumstances of their arrival. All that remains of their race’s past before arriving at Empyrea are vague legends, a few names with an atavistic resonance, and artifacts the purpose of which is long forgotten.

The science that once made interstellar travel possible is lost; here and there lie the wrecks of ancient vessels, on which nature has regained its rights. All their valuable components have found a new use in the cities and villages established on the surface of Empyrea by the descendants of their crews. The old devices, whose operation is now enigmatic, are now referred to as arcanotechnology.

In short, Empyrea has become the perfect illustration of the third law of the great novelist Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Wesbite: https://empyreal.pirou.games/lore-legacy/

Year: 2020 –

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