La Grande Aventure du Jeu de Rôle

Role: Writer

Published by Ynnis Éditions, La Grande Aventure du Jeu de Rôle tells the history of tabletop role-playing games, from the early Braunstein experiments to the wide appeal of Critical Role, with a focus on the US, France and Japan. The book also explores the hobby’s “cousins”, LARP and computer RPG.

It also features interviews and testimonies with key figures of the industry such as Sandy Petersen, Liz Danforth, Ross Babcock, Mike Pondsmith, Didier Guiserix, Croc, Coralie David, Jérôme Larré, Margaret Weis, John Lang, and many others.

Publisher’s summary: “From Call of Cthulhu to Cyberpunk Red, role-playing games have never ceased to evolve, to transform, in turn providing escapism or reflecting the world. Although they are now an integral part of pop culture and enjoy unquestionable media recognition, it has not always been so. Stigmatized, misunderstood, sometimes demonized, the early roleplayers had to fight for the development and recognition of their passion. From the origins to the darkest hours, from revival to consecration, discover the fascinating and passionate history of one of the most controversial hobbies of the 20th century.”

Release date: October 28, 2020

ISBN : 978-2-37697-165-8

Year: 2018 – 2020

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